He Thinks He’s Invisible by Simon Thoumire and Ian Carr


He Thinks He’s Invisible by Simon Thoumire and Ian Carr

  • Release date: 2014
  • Label: Foot Stompin' Records
  • Catalog #: CDFSRHOOTZ2

When Ian and I got the email from Davie Henderson in 2009 to see if we would be willing to perform at the 30th Shetland Folk Festival in May 2010 it sounded like a blast! It would be the first time we would have played together in 15 years and it would be fun to remember the old tunes. Then the nerves started to set in. Could we still play well together? Could we still play the ‘old’ material and what if our individual styles had changed so much over the years we couldn’t play together in the same way? Well we needn’t have worried. As soon as we sat down on the boat the fun of our old rehearsals came flooding back. It was amazing, and we immediately started working on new material , tunes that complemented our ‘mature’ musical styles and made us both laugh out loud! This album is the culmination of these rehearsals and I hope the fun that we’ve had reaches you and makes you smile! READ OUR REVIEWS!

If you would like to remix this album please do! We will have separate tracks on the website for you to do this – www.simonthoumire.com. Thanks to Creative Scotlandwithout whom this album wouldn’t have been possible.

Track listing:

Provost of Forgandenny (Robert Forsyth Crowe)
Jimmy’s Aye Diggin’ (Ian Powrie)

Brocken Spectre (Ian Carr, MCPS)
Three Piece Suite (Simon Thoumire, MCPS)

Da Fashion o da Delting Lasses
Christmas Day in da Morning (Fredamann Stickle)
Arizona Moods (Ian Carr, MCPS)

Dave Verril’s Waltz (Ian Carr, MCPS)
Betty Verril’s Waltz (Ian Carr, MCPS)

A Day On The River (Ian Carr, MCPS)
Step on it Sven (Ian Carr, MCPS)

Caliope House (Dave Richardson, Gilderoy Music)
Linnea Möter Lava (Ian Carr, MCPS)

Baby I Love You (Ian Carr)
Twelve Pins (Charlie Lennon)

Joseph Boseph (Simon Thoumire, MCPS)
Offensive Doctor Flute Pervert (Hamish Napier, MCPS)
The Lasses Fashion
Barney’s Balmoral (E MacDonald)

He Thinks He’s Invisible (Ian Carr, MCPS)

All tracks traditional unless mentioned. All arrangements Simon Thoumire and Ian Carr


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