Simon Thoumire and David Milligan


Simon Thoumire and David Milligan

third flight homeI first met Dave in the nineties through his wife and musician Corrina Hewat who joined Seannachie after I left. We first performed together as part of David Francis’s Christmas Shows in Edinburgh’s Queen’s Hall. I remember we played God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. Dave also took part in my Music for A New Scottish Parliament composition in 1999 the same year we performed at the Flowers of Edinburgh concert in the Pleasance Theatre.

We made our first CD in 2001 – The Big Day In. We were both working closely with Dave Grey of Soundcafe studios at the time and Dave M was offered 1 day of recording with a piano inbetween studio sessions. We decided to record the album in a day. I remember my arms were really sore at the end of the day. We called it The Big Day In because of 1 day recording but also Wallace and Gromit had just released the cartoon Big Day Out and the words seemed to fit.

We played quite a few gigs after this including some great concerts in France, Finland, Canada and Germany.

We made the second CD in 2006. It was called Third Flight Home and we recorded that in 2 days (again at SoundCafe)! It is called Third Flight Home because of the tune of same name written by my wife Clare McLaughlin. Clare also played it with us on the recording. Dave M did a great job of coming up with the cover concept of us aboard a plane. We weren’t though and Dave used photos from Louis DeCarlo and ‘photoshopped’ us into the seats.

Short Biography
Simon Thoumire is a concertina player and composer who has performed all over the world. He has made many CDs with fabulous musicians including most recently Ian Carr and David Milligan. Simon has spent the last decade working with Hands Up for Trad who organise the Scots Trad Music Awards, BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician Award, Scotland Sings and many other projects designed to promote Scottish music. Dave Milligan, born and raised in the Scottish Borders, is a pianist whose musical imagination flows freely between jazz improvisation and the traditional airs and dance meters of his native Scotland. Together Simon and Dave have made two CDs – The Big Day In and Third Flight Home.

Watch us play live in Orkney’s The Reel.

Read more about Dave Milligan.

News for Simon Thoumire and David Milligan

Bath Festival with Dave Milligan

I’m really looking forward to performing with Dave Milligan at Bath Festival on May 26th! They have been very complimentary about us on their website! Come along and say hello! Simon Thoumire is a magician on one of the smallest and, some would say, most limited instruments in the world. He[…]

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Simon Thoumire and Dave Milligan live in Orkney video

After many hours of rendering and uploading this 59 minutes and 15 seconds video of Dave and I performing in The Reel, Orkney in June 2013 is now available on YouTube. I’m really glad I spent the time. I’ve enjoyed the process listening and watching our facial reactions at the[…]

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Our trip to Orkney

We had a great trip to The Reel in Orkney last week. After a very early start from Glasgow and Pathhead we were met at the airport by Hazel Wrigley who introduced us to her convertible car. We got in and she put the roof down and we looked so cool driving[…]

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Woop – It’s a new Flowers of Edinburgh concert!

Back in 1997 David Francis and the Edinburgh Folk Festival scheduled the very first Flowers of Edinburgh Concert. We all gathered at Teviot House (the home of the Folk Festival) and had a photo taken of all the performers – well the ones that turned up… Then everyone got together[…]

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St Magnus Festival 2013

Myself and David Milligan have been very lucky to be have invited to perform at the St Magnus International Festival in Orkney on Thursday 27th June. I haven’t been up to Orkney for years so it’s really exciting. I’m also going to finally see the Wrigley Sisters’ The Reel venue[…]

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