Bath Festival with Dave Milligan

I’m really looking forward to performing with Dave Milligan at Bath Festival on May 26th! They have been very complimentary about us on their website! Come along and say hello! Simon Thoumire is a magician on one of the smallest and, some would say, most limited instruments in the world. He[…]

Celtic Connections is here!

The time of year has arrived that everyone looks forward to. It’s time for Celtic Connections! There can’t be many festivals across the globe that are so looked forward to. The crowds are amazing, the folkies are employed and there are amazing parties everynight! What did we do before Celtic Connections?[…]

What a trip!

Well that was another great trip to Arseguel in Catelonia! We arrived on the Thursday evening after a long and winding trip from Barcelona. The theme for the weekend was music and family but as usual the food was fabulous! On the Thursday evening after dinner Mark and i started[…]