Bath Festival with Dave Milligan

I’m really looking forward to performing with Dave Milligan at Bath Festival on May 26th! They have been very complimentary about us on their website! Come along and say hello! Simon Thoumire is a magician on one of the smallest and, some would say, most limited instruments in the world. He[…]

Our trip to Orkney

We had a great trip to The Reel in Orkney last week. After a very early start from Glasgow and Pathhead we were met at the airport by Hazel Wrigley who introduced us to her convertible car. We got in and she put the roof down and we looked so cool driving[…]

St Magnus Festival 2013

Myself and David Milligan have been very lucky to be have invited to perform at the St Magnus International Festival in Orkney on Thursday 27th June. I haven’t been up to Orkney for years so it’s really exciting. I’m also going to finally see the Wrigley Sisters’ The Reel venue[…]