Spending A Moment with musician David McGuinness

Simon Thoumire

Spending A Moment with musician David McGuinness

A few weeks ago I visited musician David McGuinness to record my vlog on the Captain Simon Fraser Collection. At the same time we managed to fit in a few moments to record another video this time with me asking David a few questions about his interesting and varied musical career. 

I asked David to suggest a tune we could play and he came up with Nathaniel Gow’s Coilsfield House which is possibly one of the most beautiful tunes ever written! We played it twice and I’ve left both versions in so you can see the added differences we put in after discussing the tune.

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Read more about David McGuinness http://www.concal.org/david-mcguinness

Play the tune here (this is the original manuscript!) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wqF3Xmpg4rHNZSabv2Gln81Es8PMDuuk

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