Simon Thoumire | Concertina player and composer

Simon Thoumire


Snow in The Hills in the snow on a hill

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O As I was Kiss’d Yestreen

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We are making an album!

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Charlie Hunter’s Jig

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Persephone Nichol-Bose by Simon Thoumire and Dave Milligan – Ardkinglas House This is a live video recorded at Ardkinglas House in Argyll on Saturday 20th April 2024. Persephone Nichol-Bose is a tune written by Simon which features on our album Portraits. Find out where you can listen to it here Find out more about Simon Thoumire and Dave Milligan[…]

Foot Stompin’ Free Scottish Music Podcast No 257

Hi, welcome to the Foot Stompin’ Free Scottish Music Podcast. I know we’ve been away but I’m back! Here’s a whole bunch of brand new traditional music from Scotland and the odd classic! Thankyou to all our Patreon supporters. Thanks for sticking in there. If you would like to support[…]