Foot Stompin Free Scottish Music Podcast No 244

Simon Thoumire

Foot Stompin Free Scottish Music Podcast No 244

Hello! Ciamar a tha sibh? Welcome to our latest podcast featuring a host of brand new releases from the Scottish music scene. Despite everything that is going on in the world the music keeps coming from Scotland. If you enjoy this podcast please consider supporting our Patreon

The Canny Band
Track – Granny’s 93rd

And So We Gather by Kim Carnie
Track – She Moves Me

We Have Won The Land by Rory Matheson & Graham Rorie
Track – The Whitbread Case

Marina by Dallahan

Strathspey Queens by Alice Allen and Patsy Reid
Track – The Flower o’ the Quern

Track – Beinn (feat. Eilidh Cormack and Lana Pheutan)

Our Voices Echo by Rura
Track – Dh’èirich Mi Moch Madainn Cheòthar (feat. Julie Fowlis)

Brute Force and Ignorance by Tiernan Courell

The River by Hamish Napier
Track – Floating

Grit by Martyn Bennett
Track – Nae Regrets