Foot Stompin’ Free Scottish Music Podcast 246

Simon Thoumire

Foot Stompin’ Free Scottish Music Podcast 246

We are back this week with another great set of music from Scotland’s great traditional music scene. Thanks so much for listening. We really appreciate it!

I’m a Rover by Siobhan Miller

New Moon by Hò-rò
Track – Spot On

As the Moonlight Melts by Josie Duncan
Track – Be Around

Pie in the Sky by David McGuinness and Simon Thoumire
Track – Ajastaika

The Source of Light by Eric Bogle
Track – The Old Dog’s Song

Odyssey by Fourth Moon
Track – Sextant

Las by Brighde Chaimbeul,  Ross Ainslie and Steven Byrnes
Track – The Green Light Set

Handsel by Malinky featuring Cameron Nixon
Track – The Baron o Brackley

This Too by Kinnaris Quintet
Track – Period Drama

The Best of Ossian by Ossian
Track – Jamie Raeburn / The Broomielaw