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Simon Thoumire’s iPhone English Concertina Course Lesson 2

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Baby I Love You by Simon Thoumire and Ian Carr

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St Roch’s recital November 2014

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Simon Thoumire and Dave Milligan live at The Reel

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Private Dancer

Have you ever danced on your own with no one looking? Well I’ve written this music for you to dance to. There is no form, you can go as crazy as you like and it’s only two minutes long. So it’s a quick stupid dance and you will feel better[…]


Three William Marshall Reels

I thought I would head in a traditional vein this week. 3 reels from one of Scotland’s top fiddle composers William Marshall (nineteenth century). There are 3 tunes: Mr Alexander Laing’s Hornpipe (E Major) Master Frank Romily (F Major) Mr John Angus’ Reel (E Major) I think the final reel[…]

Ring of Brodgar

Dum dum

I wrote this track on election day. It features all the madness that goes in the run up to the election. It’s noisy and primitive as all elections are especially this one (in 2015). This is also my second string quartet which I’ll arrange in the next few weeks.


I want! I want!

I found this picture on Twitter the other day. I had never seen it before but it turns out it is by William Blake. It is called “I want! I want!” and it’s from his book for children “The Gates of Paradise”. I looked at this picture and I thought[…]