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Changing the world with Trad Music! #shorts

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O As I was Kiss’d Yestreen

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Concertina and Hip Hop

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We are making an album!

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Spending A Moment With Fiddler Kevin Henderson

It was great to chat to Shetland fiddler Kevin Henderson about his music and life. If would like to buy his new CD with Neil Pearlman you can do so here If you would a lesson with Kevin contact him here If you enjoy these podcasts please support[…]

Spending A Moment With Photographer Louis DeCarlo

I met up with US photographer Louis DeCarlo to chat about his life and photographs. Louis arrived in Edinburgh in the 1990s and started to photograph the folk music scene and everyone loved working with him! Listen to find out more. If you enjoy this podcast please consider supporting my[…]

Spending A Moment With Gaelic singer Mischa Macpherson

I was very lucky to meet up with Gaelic singer and harpist Mischa Macpherson the other day to chat about her career to date. Have a listen to find out where Mischa found her love of Gaelic song and how she liked to wear a kilt when she was young![…]

Spending A Moment With Eddi Reader

I spent a great couple of hours with the legendary folk / pop singer Eddi Reader in Glasgow chatting about her long career from leaving Irvine (in Ayrshire) to performing across the world to thousands of people. Find out more about Eddi at her website and listen to her[…]

Spending a moment with violist Emma Tomlinson

Emma Tomlinson is a violist, fiddler and teacher originally from Liverpool and now living in Glasgow. It was great to chat to Emma about what’s going on, her thoughts on teaching practices and her ongoing PHD into the use of viola in Scottish music. Find out more about Emma at[…]