Simon Thoumire | Concertina player and composer

Simon Thoumire


The City of Savannah hornpipe

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Troy’s Wedding

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Maid Behind The Bar

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Snow in The Hills in the snow on a hill

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Spending a Moment with Gary Innes

I was very lucky to spend some time with musician, broadcaster and shinty player Gary Innes last week. Gary chat about his latest album Imminent and his life to date and plays a few tunes on his accordion along the way! At the end of the podcast we play the[…]

Spending A Moment with guitarist Ian Carr

This is a chat with brilliant musician, guitarist and composer Ian Carr. It was recorded on tour in Sweden in Sundsvall. Ian explains where it is in the podcast! At the end of podcast we play a brand new tune written by Ian called – Yes Sir I Can Boogie.[…]

Spending A Moment with musician David McGuinness

A few weeks ago I visited musician David McGuinness to record my vlog on the Captain Simon Fraser Collection. At the same time we managed to fit in a few moments to record another video this time with me asking David a few questions about his interesting and varied musical[…]