Simon Thoumire | Concertina player and composer

Simon Thoumire


Atom Buster

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Charlie Hunter’s Jig

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We are making an album!

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Watching the Moving Clouds

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Ian on the left, Simon on the right Here’s a new tune played by me and Ian Carr and written by Simon Thoumire and Alana NicAonghais with financial help from TASGADH (Traditional Arts Small Grants) and Creative Scotland. The title is to remind me and Ian where we sit on the stage! It’s full title should be[…]

Room 24 by Simon Thoumire and Ian Carr This is a new composition of Ian’s that we recorded in Sweden in September 23. It was originally written in 2021 during the height of lockdown and we made a version of this from our two house. At last we managed to play it in the same room. Find[…]

Miss Sineag Thomson by Simon Thoumire and Ian Carr Me and Ian David Carr had a great time playing music in Sweden. Here’s a new set featuring Miss Sineag Thomson by Alana NicAonghais, Diddley iPod by Sharon Shannon and Road to Coalburns by Ian Stephenson. Find out more

Foot Stompin’ Free Scottish Music Podcast No 255

Hi there, Ciamar a tha sibh? We are back after the summer. My youngest is now back at the school – in his last year! Where does the time go! Anyway loads of great music for you to listen toooo! See you in September! Live Wire by Mec Lir Track[…]