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Jigs in Space

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Watching the Moving Clouds

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Changing the world with Trad Music! #shorts

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Moving Cloud reel

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Space jig! #shorts’s a wee jig (is it a jig) that I recorded in space whilst in hyperdrive the other day. If you enjoy these wee #shorts please buy me a coffee or support me on Patreon

Snow on The Hills reel in the snow! #shorts’s a great reel called the Snow on The Hills. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to play it in the snow… If you enjoy these videos why not buy me a coffee or become a Patreon

O As I was Kiss’d Yestreen’s a wee vlog about one of the oldest tunes I’ve ever played – O As I was Kiss’d Yestreen from 1734. If you enjoy these vlogs please support my Patreon

Foot Stompin Podcast Number 241!

Hi there, This is the first podcast of 2022. Sorry I’m late! Got some great music though. I hope you enjoy it. If you enjoy this podcast please consider supporting the podcast on Patreon A Drop For Neptune by TRIP Track – September Sea The Northern Bridge by[…]