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We are making an album!

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Moving Cloud reel

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Charlie Hunter’s Jig

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Concertina and Hip Hop

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A wee tune? #shorts wee YouTube short featuring the reel The Scholar played on English Concertina. Buy me a coffee?

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Hunker Hill is a vlog about the James Scott Skinner tune Hunker Hill. I thought finding out about it would be straightforward but I couldn’t find anything! So here is a video about me finding out nothing and playing a beautiful tune! If you enjoy these vlogs please support my Patreon[…]

We are making an album! and David McGuinness made an album last Monday! This is a video of me and my slippers going to the studio. If you enjoy these vlogs please support my Patreon

Room 24 – Simon Thoumire and Ian Carr is a brand new tune from Ian Carr (on geetar) written whilst on forced vacation in Scotland in December 2021! Can you tell if we are in the same place? I really like our reactions throughout the piece!